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Warm Memories

Autumn makes me crazy… So crazy that I have reviewed all of my pictures from last years trip to Sousse – Tunisia. I think I have about 600 of them… That is A LOT. With all of my trips to Turkey as well, I have so many summer pictures – that I should not be cold for a year or two. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way… But pictures are lovely anyway!

Just walking in the alleys of the medina, was enough for me and my camera…

These two made me laugh!

Well, I had to go in right? Sea view AND Aladin 😉

It was true also…

Look at the light… Magical!

And the staircases looked like that… everyone of them!

Mint tea served from a traditional teapot, always a delight!

Early evening, walking by the Mediterranean sea & sitting down at a coffee & tea house…

Doesn’t get much more fresh than that!

Just the smell alone, made me hungry!

Sunrise, very early morning – look at that burning sky!

And how the sunlight touched the waves crashing into shore…


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