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I entered a new group on Flickr, the other day. It is called The These Moments Challenge group and it is an extension of the These Moments group (where I have been a member for some time now). Some of the pictures you post on their group sites, will be posted on their blog sites.

They pick beautiful moments, by different photographers and put it on the blogs (These Moments & These Moment Challenge). The new thing is that this group will have different themes every week, this week it is love. I could have posted a simple picture, but I chose to make a whole setting out of it – because I will only post 1 picture a week to this new group. Here you can see a few of the pictures I took today, including the one I posted in The These Moments Challenge group.

If You Were Coming In The Fall;
By Emily Dickinson

If you were coming in the fall

I’d brush the summer by

With half a smile and half a spurn

As housewives do a fly.


If I could see you in a year

I’d wind the months in balls

And put them into separate drawers

Until their time befalls.


If only centuries delayed

I’d count them on my hand

Subtracting ’till my fingers dropped

Into Van Diemen’s land


If certain when this life was out

That yours and mine should be

I’d toss life yonder like a rind

And taste eternity.


But now all ignorant of length,

Of times uncertain wing,

It goads me like the goblin bee

That will not state its sting!


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