I entered a new group on Flickr, the other day. It is called The These Moments Challenge group and it is an extension of the These Moments group (where I have been a member for some time now). Some of the pictures you post on their group sites, will be posted on their blog sites.

They pick beautiful moments, by different photographers and put it on the blogs (These Moments & These Moment Challenge). The new thing is that this group will have different themes every week, this week it is love. I could have posted a simple picture, but I chose to make a whole setting out of it – because I will only post 1 picture a week to this new group. Here you can see a few of the pictures I took today, including the one I posted in The These Moments Challenge group.

If You Were Coming In The Fall;
By Emily Dickinson

If you were coming in the fall

I’d brush the summer by

With half a smile and half a spurn

As housewives do a fly.


If I could see you in a year

I’d wind the months in balls

And put them into separate drawers

Until their time befalls.


If only centuries delayed

I’d count them on my hand

Subtracting ’till my fingers dropped

Into Van Diemen’s land


If certain when this life was out

That yours and mine should be

I’d toss life yonder like a rind

And taste eternity.


But now all ignorant of length,

Of times uncertain wing,

It goads me like the goblin bee

That will not state its sting!



Sometimes the littlest of pleasures, are the best.

Like this peanut butter & jelly sandwich last night… Strange how everything seems better after eating something like that?


There is something about Mondays, that makes me do crazy things… I love Mondays. I really don’t know why, it is just the way it is. After joining a group called bench Monday on Flickr, Mondays became even better. Because I had to come up with something funny or creative every Monday, this became a way of making Mondays more interesting! Bench Monday have been an ongoing project of mine for a long time, but when I reach 100 benches – I will stop.

Not so long ago, I joined another group in Flickr, called Me Again Monday. At first I was kind of annoyed that it came on the same day as bench Monday, but now I see it as another challenge to come up with something good on Mondays! I haven’t missed a challenge yet, so lets see how long I can keep it up.

One of the challenges in Me Again Monday, was motion. I never posted this shot (I posted another one), but I do like it – so here it is;

Me jumping in a dress on my hotel balcony, on the third floor 😉


There is something about tea, that makes me smile. I never stop feeling good about tea. It comes in so many different flavours and there is one kind for every mood that you’re in. Someone once told me, that I always make the best tea. Well, I think the best ingredient when making tea (or in making anything really) – is love. So I put a sprinkle of love, in every pot of tea I make. Lets just say, it makes a big difference 😉 When people enter my home, they always say it smells like tea and spices. It probably does… Cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, lemon, garlic and chili – fragrances that makes your home smell delightful and makes your tea and food, taste devine.

My favourite kind of tea, you might ask… I don’t have any. There is rosehip. I use that for cold evenings, no sugar – just a hint of lemon. Black, turkish tea. Made out of leaves from the Northern part of the country. I drink it in the morning, superstrong and very sweet. Then there is Jasmine tea with a drop of honey, that makes me feel good inside when I’m down and low. Mint tea, sweet and full of fragrance and flavour – takes me right back to the medina in Sousse, Tunisia.

I could go on forever…

Tea that helps our head and
Tea medicates most every
Tea rejuvenates the very
Tea warms the hands of those who’re

~ J. Jonker ~

Morning Pleasures

I love mornings. Late mornings, early mornings, cold mornings and warm ones. It is something about the beginning of the day that is magical. Breakfast is an important part of mornings and I believe that no matter how buzy you are or how much in a hurry you are – you should always have breakfast.

Eating breakfast together as a family or together with the person you love, is the best start of ANY day – if you ask me!

A Call To Breakfast; By Mrs. Sigourney

Breakfast! come to breakfast!
    Little ones and all,—
How their merry
    Patter at the call!
Break the bread; pour freely
that cream-like flows;
A blessing on their appetites
    And on their lips
of rose.

Breakfast! summer breakfast!
    Throw the casement
And catch the warblers’ carol
    On glad wing glancing by.
flowers upon your table
    Impearled w ith dew-drops rare,
For still
their fragrance speaks of Him
    Who made this earth so

Breakfast! winter breakfast!
    Recruit the blazing
Heap coal upon the glowing grate,
    Or fill the furnace
Though drifted snows descending
    May whiten field and
Where loving hearts are true and warm,
    King Frost hath little

Dinner may be pleasant,
    So may social tea;
But yet,
methinks the breakfast
    Is best of all the three:
With its greeting
smile of weleome,
    Its holy voice of prayer,
It forgeth heavenly
    To foil the hosts of care.

Breakfast! come to
    Some there are who hear
No such household
    Ringing on their ear.
Wilt thou from thy
    Cheer them when they pine—
Shedding blessed
    On their day and thine?

Laundry with a seaview

My balcony has a seaview. It is perfect to sit out there, listening to the waves crashing in… I also have two large clothes lines, that I use as often as I can. In this part of the world, that usually means I have to babysit the clothes 24/7, because it will start to rain anytime. I hate that part of living this far north. I mean, in the summer the clothes should be safe from the rain right? Well, their not. Anyway… (Starting to see why I need a blog?)
Last night I sat out on the balcony until 3 AM. It was dark all around (the streetlights closes 12 o’clock), the sea was black and the sky… Oooh, it was glittering with a million stars. They were so close, like they were hanging on top of the roof – trying to say hello to me. How in the world could I go to sleep? So I stayed out there, in the cold – with my wintercoat on and just watched the stars. We also had northern lights, but it was not so easy to see around my house.

I do love it up here… Even if I hate the climate. Everything has its charm, right?

The Sea Spirit; By Lucy Maud Montgomery

I smile o’er the wrinkled blue­
Lo! the sea is fair,
Smooth as the flow of
a maiden’s hair;
And the welkin’s light shines through
Into mid-sea
caverns of beryl hue,
And the little waves laugh and the mermaids
And the sea is a beautiful, sinuous thing!

I scowl in sullen
The sea grows dark and dun,
The swift clouds hide the sun
not the bale-light in my eyes,
And the frightened wind as it flies
the billows with stormy wing,
And the sea is a terrible, treacherous thing!

When moonlight glimmers dim
I pass in the path of the mist,
a pale spirit by spirits kissed.
At dawn I chant my own weird hymn,
I dabble my hair in the sunset’s rim,
And I call to the dwellers along the
With a voice of gramarye evermore.

And if one for love of me

Gives to my call an ear,
I will woo him and hold him dear,
And teach
him the way of the sea,
And my glamor shall ever over him be;
Though he
wander afar in the cities of men
He will come at last to my arms again.

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