Happiness is such a difficult term. What IS happiness? Is it having 2 children, the person that you love and a big house? Is it having the perfect career and a highly successful job? Maybe being rich makes you happier? Or having the latest in fashion clothes, cars and technical equipment? Or is it just a feeling inside your heart and soul, that can be triggered by any of the things above? I’m not sure there is an answer.

I thaught I would make a happy list. A list of things that makes me smile or makes me want to wake up everyday. So, in random order;

  1. To hear childrens laughter & see their smiles
  2. Taking my camera outside, finding new things to photograph
  3. Being inlove
  4. The sound of the sea always makes me calm and brings me pleasure
  5. A big cup of tea, after a long day
  6. Reading a nice book, in my PJ’s – all curled up in a blanket
  7. A warm and sensual kiss
  8. Cooking a nice meal, for family and friends
  9. Learning new things and meeting new people
  10. Someone saying they care about me or love me
  11. To twirl or dance with a child in my arms
  12. A hot bubble bath
  13. I always love a heartful hug
  14. Eating warm chocolate cake with soft vanilla ice cream 
  15. Wearing a dress

I see myself as a happy person. Maybe because my happiness is wrapped up in small things, small pleasures that you get get anyday, just by living your day to day life? I don’t know. Are YOU happy?

Toddler Happiness by; Pauline Oliver

Happiness is two and a half
Alert and curious from
Climb, discover, hide’n’seek
Adventure in the making

mastered walking, talking, feeding,
Now explores his wider world
curiosity surely knows no bounds
Til naptime, when in bed he’s

What’s this? What does it do?
Push it, pull it, twist it
This button makes the lights work
This one makes the siren

Chuckles of happiness and laughter
Eyes filled with wonder and
Love hot enough to melt your heart
He’s my beautiful toddler

Yet suddenly there’s thunder brewing
Things don’t always go his
He needs your help but does not want it
Terrible two’s tantrums spoil
the day!

Just as quickly it is over
A safe space and a little time
Then its back into the garden
To figure some more things

Sand and water, swing and slide
Mastering jumping on two
Scoot a bike or truck around the yard
Toddler happiness is so


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