There is something about tea, that makes me smile. I never stop feeling good about tea. It comes in so many different flavours and there is one kind for every mood that you’re in. Someone once told me, that I always make the best tea. Well, I think the best ingredient when making tea (or in making anything really) – is love. So I put a sprinkle of love, in every pot of tea I make. Lets just say, it makes a big difference 😉 When people enter my home, they always say it smells like tea and spices. It probably does… Cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, lemon, garlic and chili – fragrances that makes your home smell delightful and makes your tea and food, taste devine.

My favourite kind of tea, you might ask… I don’t have any. There is rosehip. I use that for cold evenings, no sugar – just a hint of lemon. Black, turkish tea. Made out of leaves from the Northern part of the country. I drink it in the morning, superstrong and very sweet. Then there is Jasmine tea with a drop of honey, that makes me feel good inside when I’m down and low. Mint tea, sweet and full of fragrance and flavour – takes me right back to the medina in Sousse, Tunisia.

I could go on forever…

Tea that helps our head and
Tea medicates most every
Tea rejuvenates the very
Tea warms the hands of those who’re

~ J. Jonker ~


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