Morning Pleasures

I love mornings. Late mornings, early mornings, cold mornings and warm ones. It is something about the beginning of the day that is magical. Breakfast is an important part of mornings and I believe that no matter how buzy you are or how much in a hurry you are – you should always have breakfast.

Eating breakfast together as a family or together with the person you love, is the best start of ANY day – if you ask me!

A Call To Breakfast; By Mrs. Sigourney

Breakfast! come to breakfast!
    Little ones and all,—
How their merry
    Patter at the call!
Break the bread; pour freely
that cream-like flows;
A blessing on their appetites
    And on their lips
of rose.

Breakfast! summer breakfast!
    Throw the casement
And catch the warblers’ carol
    On glad wing glancing by.
flowers upon your table
    Impearled w ith dew-drops rare,
For still
their fragrance speaks of Him
    Who made this earth so

Breakfast! winter breakfast!
    Recruit the blazing
Heap coal upon the glowing grate,
    Or fill the furnace
Though drifted snows descending
    May whiten field and
Where loving hearts are true and warm,
    King Frost hath little

Dinner may be pleasant,
    So may social tea;
But yet,
methinks the breakfast
    Is best of all the three:
With its greeting
smile of weleome,
    Its holy voice of prayer,
It forgeth heavenly
    To foil the hosts of care.

Breakfast! come to
    Some there are who hear
No such household
    Ringing on their ear.
Wilt thou from thy
    Cheer them when they pine—
Shedding blessed
    On their day and thine?


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