Laundry with a seaview

My balcony has a seaview. It is perfect to sit out there, listening to the waves crashing in… I also have two large clothes lines, that I use as often as I can. In this part of the world, that usually means I have to babysit the clothes 24/7, because it will start to rain anytime. I hate that part of living this far north. I mean, in the summer the clothes should be safe from the rain right? Well, their not. Anyway… (Starting to see why I need a blog?)
Last night I sat out on the balcony until 3 AM. It was dark all around (the streetlights closes 12 o’clock), the sea was black and the sky… Oooh, it was glittering with a million stars. They were so close, like they were hanging on top of the roof – trying to say hello to me. How in the world could I go to sleep? So I stayed out there, in the cold – with my wintercoat on and just watched the stars. We also had northern lights, but it was not so easy to see around my house.

I do love it up here… Even if I hate the climate. Everything has its charm, right?

The Sea Spirit; By Lucy Maud Montgomery

I smile o’er the wrinkled blue­
Lo! the sea is fair,
Smooth as the flow of
a maiden’s hair;
And the welkin’s light shines through
Into mid-sea
caverns of beryl hue,
And the little waves laugh and the mermaids
And the sea is a beautiful, sinuous thing!

I scowl in sullen
The sea grows dark and dun,
The swift clouds hide the sun
not the bale-light in my eyes,
And the frightened wind as it flies
the billows with stormy wing,
And the sea is a terrible, treacherous thing!

When moonlight glimmers dim
I pass in the path of the mist,
a pale spirit by spirits kissed.
At dawn I chant my own weird hymn,
I dabble my hair in the sunset’s rim,
And I call to the dwellers along the
With a voice of gramarye evermore.

And if one for love of me

Gives to my call an ear,
I will woo him and hold him dear,
And teach
him the way of the sea,
And my glamor shall ever over him be;
Though he
wander afar in the cities of men
He will come at last to my arms again.


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